Axle Shocks

Our axle shocks come with a 3 year warranty for a mileage of up to 250,000 km.

These axle shocks for all kind of commercial vehicles feature some unique elements like the "blow-off" valve and hydraulic stop, which gives them the edge over competing products. Our shocks come in multiple dimensions.

Our shocks are the best in their class, and with their special features, you will get a product that ensures durability, safety and oustanding resistance, even in extreme conditions.


  • Single bonded bushing: a very high durability of the bushing is reached, facillitating ease of installment
  • High temperature resistant sealing system: maximizes the durability of the unit


  • Hydraulic lock-out piston: no over-extension of the air bellows. This eliminates external drop limiter.


  • High temperature resistantant hydraulic fluid: this semi-synthetic fluid improves the damping behaviour. This provides for moe consistant damping over a wide temperature range.
  • Anti-wear coated piston ring: very high wear resistance of the unit. More consistant damping thanks to its sealing capabilities.
  • Double action valve system in bump and rebound: guarantees the smooth and safe vehicle handling. Forces on chassis components are kept to the minimum.