Oil Filters

In the closed system for lubrication of internal combustion (IC) engines, oil lubricates and cools the working parts, as well as rinsing out and transporting contaminants in the form of suspended solids from the combustion chamber.  These contaminants are formed during the abrasive wear of the working parts of the engine.

Contaminants are trapped in oil filters, another important element in the lubrication system of any IC engine. The quality of engine oil plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation and performance of all engines. Built with quality materials and the latest filtration technology, P2 oil filters are built to match OE brands.

It should be noted that these filters cannot stop oil degradation, as it is an irreversible chemical process. Oil should be changed in accordance with car manufacturer indications, and the same is true for oil filters.
Oil filters have varying shapes, and depending on the engine type, may differ significantly regarding construction and principle of operation. Whether you require filter inserts or spin-on filters, P2 filters are engineered to ensure:

Features of P2 Air Filters for Trucks:

  • Engine protection
  • Prevention against by-pass of unfiltered engine oil
  • High particle separation rate
  • High-quality seals to prevent leakages
  • Optimal operation, even under high temperature