Cabin Filters

Dust filters, also called cabin filters, are used for filtering air which is sucked in directly from the road, forced in through ventilation or air conditioning into the driver's cabin. Most modern commercial vehicles are equipped with cabin filters as it is a safety requirement. Tiredness, hay fever, eye-watering and breathing disorders can be caused by contaminants entering the driver’s cabin, which can in turn affect the driver’s reflexes and thus affect road safety. Contaminants in the air are affected by a number of factors, including season, weather conditions, intensity of local industry, and road traffic. Air dustiness in vehicles with no cabin filters may reach levels up to six times higher than outside, as the ventilator sucks in air and particles can remain in the car.

High quality cabin filters are essential for increased safety and comfort. P2 cabin filters are manufactured to OE standard, and are highly efficient due to the following attributes:

Features of P2 Air Filters for Trucks:

  • Made with high-grade charcoal with perfect pore size, wet solidity and impregnation
  • Processed with oxygen to become activated carbon
  • Eliminates odours
  • Protected against bacterial and fungal growth
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable after usage