Air Dryers

Air dryers are applied in pneumatic installations to remove excessive moisture from the air which is sucked in. Temperature and pressure changes can lead moisture in the air to condense on the inner walls of the installation, accelerating corrosian of metal lines, valves and actuator elements. Air dryers also purify the air from solid contaminants. Another dangerous phenomenon, is that water present inside pneumatic installations can freeze during the winter, which can lead to immobilization of crucial mechanisms.

Moisture gets absorbed as air gets sucked through the dryer, by means of chemical bonding between the air moisture, and a special granulate with strong hygroscopic properties inside the dryer.

A special filtering medium is often used in air dryers – a combination of filtration fabric, which stops solid pollutants the sizes of about 0,5 µm efficiently, and special polymer fibres, which chemically bonds with air moisture and stops it from passing through.

The application of these dryers prolongs the life of the pneumatic installation elements up to four times, practically eliminating the corrosion effect inside the system.