Air Springs

P2 air spring suspension products come with a 3 year warranty for a mileage of up to 250,000 km. P2 offers a range of high quality air spring suspension parts, including Air Bellows, Air Springs and Cabin Air Springs.

The following factors are a testament to the quality of our air springs:
  • High strength parameters on fatigue
  • Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures
  • High resistance to external factors (ozone, salt, light)
  • Failure-free during use
  • Flexibility and tightness of the product
P2's standard is 7,000,000 cycles at a frequency of 3 Hz without any changes on the product surface.

Air Bellows

Pneumatic diaphragm without the top and bottom metal. The upper and lower metal components are fitted to the vehicle chassis. Metal elements are replaced independently from the exchange membrane. The pneumatic diaphragm provides a high level of comfort, and you can change the height of the chassis as well as maintaining the same height depending on your needs.

Air Spring

Air springs are currently the most popular and most frequently used elements of air suspension. The design is based on a rubber diaphragm, and in contrast to the air bellows, the top is fitted with a panel and the bottom with a base, commonly known as the piston.

Cabin Air Spring

Cab suspension bellows is a solution that is increasingly replacing traditional spring suspension. The structure consists of an airbag with a small diameter and isplaced inside the shock absorber.