About P2

11 Apr 2015

The P2 logo was presented for the first time on April 11th in Poland during IV National Championship of Young Mechanics that was part of Motor Show event in Poznan.

About the Poznan Motor Show:
  • Four days dedicated to car and motorbike lovers, caravanning enthusiasts and aviation fans
  • Launches of new models, brand presentations, and events for professionals
  • The best exhibition infrastructure in Poland located in the city centre

Damian Siwek and Kamil Hryc of the Secondary School in Radzyn Podlaski won the national championship IV finals for Young Mechanics. The final competition took place during the Motor Show and brought together 60 young mechanics who had earned the most points in a test taken prior to the show.

Finalists faced practice competition in Poznan under the supervision of Vladimir Zientarski and the Practical Skills Academy.

Even before the final, it was clear that the Truck Motor Show would see only the best mechanics participate.

Only 60 came to Poznan with over 500 registered teams. “This number is an absolute record that exceeded our expectations, and all are strongly motivated to continue to work hard” - says Adrian Dekowski with a V8 Team, co-organizer of the Championship.

In Poznan, the young engineers competed in 11 disciplines. The most difficult procedures proved to be Stretch Fit auxiliary drive belt assembly (stand by Practical Skills Academy), and the removal and installation of the camshaft cylinder head (stand by Neo Tools). In the case of the belt, the most important tasks were selection of appropriate tools and mounting.

P2, as a new brand, is focusing on new specialists who can appreciate the P2 philosophy: P2=PP=Perfekt Präzision.